Examples of lipids being waterproof

Lipids exhibit different characteristics based on their structures. The image shows different examples of lipids, such as solid butter and liquid canola oil. mc004-1.jpg Which type of bond is found in many carbon-to-carbon bonds in canola oil, but very few carbon-to-carbon bonds in butter? A. C-C B. C=C C. C=H D. C-H

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So, by the definition of wet, which is the condition of being covered or soaked in liquid, then water isn't wet, it just makes other things wet. W.C. Dutton, Staffordsville, USA.

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The first line of defense, skin, is made of keratin—so waterproof, tough, and tightly woven that only the smallest and most fat-soluble molecules can get through.

The six major structural groups of lipids are: triglycerides, the most abundant lipid in the body, which function as energy strorage compounds and make up between 12-25% of the lipids in the SC; fatty acides, which give the oily feel and make up between 12-20% of the lipids in the SC; waxes, which make up 6% of the lipids in the SC; and ...

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